Fishing Report

Oct 2018

Fall is here and pigfish  Croakers are my staple bait right now. If you want a chance to catch your biggest  trout of your life call me now!! I can text you pic's of recent caught trout that will blow your mind!!

 Large gator trout are in super shallow water and are a blast on light tackle!

Fishing has been really good since Irma raised and cleaned the Mosquito lagoon water. Redfish are abundant throughout the lagoon, nothing like throwing topwater plugs in the morning. Sight fishing for redfish in the lagoon is knee shacking stuff!!
  The Mosquito lagoon and New Smyrna beach fishing is the place to fish in East central Florida.

 If catching good numbers of redfish is your idea of fun then this is the time of year for you!! Redfish schools are abundant in New Smyrna beach and the Mosquito lagoon! Along with plenty of reds cruising shorelines looking for a snack!
Trophy speckled sea trout are my favorite challenge this time of year, nothing makes my leg's shake more than a 8+ lb trout laying in a pothole offering an angler a great chance at a trophy of a lifetime.
Slot sized (15-20in) are also plentiful in the lagoon
and New Smyrna Beach.
There is nothing more heart pounding than seeing a trophy trout explode on a live mullet!!
Using pigfish and croakers an average day can produce over 20 trout!!

Snook are also back since the freeze of 09-10.
And catches are great as snook fight like a bass on steroids and will test your tackle and angling skills!!
Snook season is open now!!

Black drum are every where!!! Pretty amazing sight when 100+ fish stop and tail 10 ft from the bow of the boat. Average fish is from 6-12lb's and pull hard!!

Tight Lines
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