Redfish,  Sea Trout, Snook, Tarpon and Black Drum are the usual target's for Captain Tony.  But, If it bites we will try and catch it!!

Capt. Tony started fishing the Northern California ponds and lakes at a very young age. At  16 years old I started to bow hunt wild hogs and blacktail deer. The rush of having a 300lb russian boar at 15 yards is just like having 100 20-50lb Bull redfish tailing 30 feet off the bow of my boat!!! 
The spot and stalk technique used bow hunting crossed over into shallow water fishing perfectly. Poling silently along looking for subtle signs that a fish is there. You will get buck fever at the sight of a 300  40lb redfish tailing  right in front of the boat unspooked or a Gator trout sitting in a sand spot un- aware of our presence!! But settle down and make the cast and FISH ON!!
It's more than a passion it's an obsession.

Tournament results: 

2016 Hooked for a Cure Charity tournament 2nd place Overall
2012 Fishing for Freedom Tournament to benefit the Wounded Warrior project: 1st place Wounded Warrior division and 5th overall out of 51 boats
2009 IFA Redfish tour: 22 place out of 90 boats
2009 Fishstock: 4th place overall and 6th place redfish
2010 Fishstock: 2nd place overall and 1st place redfish team
2011 Fishstock: 4th place overall and 
4th place redfish team
2012 Fishstock:6th place redfish
2013 Fishing for Freedom
benefiting The Wounded Warrior Project:
1st place Wounded Warrior division
5th place Overall.

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Capt Tony Pantuso 


Capt. Tony's Bio

Capt.Tony is a professional, full-time angler that has fished in East-Central Florida and the Mosquito Lagoon since 1990. For more than twenty years my passion has been sight fishing the shallow pristine flats of the Mosquito Lagoon.

I fish close to 300 days a year and love every minute of it. I would not have it any other way!!!

Ever since hooking up with his first redfish in 1990 Capt. Tony has been hooked on shallow water fishing.